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3 pest control methods to use in your home

3 Best Pest Control Methods And How To Implement Them In Your Home & Garden

What are the best pest control methods available for your home?  Well, let’s backtrack a few steps first.

There are countless numbers of pests in this world, and at some point, everyone – including you and I – will eventually fight off a bug or two. Pests attack our gardens, homes, and other important structures. These pests include bugs, plants, and/or animals. Just mentioning fleas, cockroaches, mold, mice, and rats can generate strong and putrid emotions. Even worse, pests present a health risk to our households, animals, gardens, and even livelihoods if they aren’t taken care of. This is why it’s very important to understand how to appropriately control these pests that enter our lives.


What Are The Best Pest Control Methods?

wasp-4978180_1920While it’s difficult to eliminate pests, it is necessary to control them as much as possible. There are a few approaches when it comes to controlling pests. The best pest control methods include chemical control, biological control, mechanical control (or a combination of the following methods).

  • Chemical pest control consists of the use of poisonous artificial pesticides, is not eco-friendly, and should never, ever be thought of as a long-term means of pest control.
  • Organic pest control is a method that relies on using other living organisms to keep pests in check – think microbes, pathogens, and even some other insects and small animals.
  • Physical pest control is usually the most cost-effective and most environmentally friendly of the pest control methods – as long as it’s carried out prior to a large infestation.  Pulling weeds by hand and using mousetraps are both widely used methods of physical pest control.

If you’ve just got a few weeds here or there, or find a bug or two strolling around your kitchen floor, it’s pretty easy to take care of them yourself.  However, if your problem is a little more serious than just a few spiders or ants, chemical or organic pest control is most likely the way to go.  Most pest control companies today are leaning toward using more organic products in their pest removal practices, considering organic ingredients are typically non-toxic and safe for humans and house pets.  However, if you have a serious termite problem or issues with unwanted plants sprouting everywhere, it may be best to use chemical means with your pest issue.

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How To Implement Pest Control Methods In Your Home/Garden

Now that you’ve got an idea of the best pest control methods for your home and garden, it’s time to implement these approaches so you can finally get rid of those unwanted visitors! Implementing pest control methods includes a few different steps and can take some time.  However, if you follow these steps, you’ll be one step closer to finally removing the root of your pest problem.

Step #1 – Determine the pest issue.

The first step in utilizing any of the best pest control methods is to determine the issue. The issue might include, for example, bad growing conditions, instead of attacks from invasive bugs. In some cases, the pest is readily apparent, very obvious. For example, if you see a mouse tiptoeing across the floor, then you clearly need some kind of pest control.

Step #2 – How serious is your pest invasion?

The next step is to determine how serious the pest invasion really is.  Do you just have one mouse that has found its way into your home, or does the sound coming from your ceiling suggest that you have a much bigger issue on hand? One mouse can typically be removed using a single mousetrap or a handy house cat.  However, if you have a serious problem with mice or other small animals, it may be in your best interest to resort to more powerful chemical approaches or consult a pest control professional to rid your house of the pesky pest problem.

Step #3 – Take action NOW!

If you know you have an infestation of bugs and using organic or store-bought products is no longer helping, it’s time to seek professional help.  Damage to your home, unsafe living conditions, and other things can occur if pests aren’t taken care of quickly and efficiently.  The sooner you get your pests taken care of, the sooner you’ll feel safe and sound inside the doors of your home.  Don’t wait around if you know you have a pest invasion!


3 best pest control methods - pest control on farmIf you’ve got a pest issue, it’s important to learn about the main pest control methods.  The three main methods include chemical, organic, and physical control.  The easiest of these is physical pest control, but depending on your situation, you may need to choose a stronger approach.

Once you’ve learned a little more about these methods, you can start implementing them in three easy steps.  First, determine the actual pest issue you’ve got going on.  Second, determine how serious your issue is.  Is it something that can be handled with store-bought bug spray or is it something that a company will need to handle for you?  Third, make sure to take action as soon as possible.  This will ensure your home and garden will stay safe and sound and get rid of the pests without any hiccups.

What pest control methods have you used?  Are you currently implementing pest control in your home?  Here are some more home and gardening tips from us:

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