3 Easy Tips for Effective Container Gardening

Plant roots stop growing because they require excellent open areas to move into and soak up nutrients. Difficult, compressed soil does not grow great, healthy plants, so do not use real soil in your containers. The compost increases air areas and offers plants an increase in healthy nutrition.

Nitrogen, the engine of plant development, is water-soluble, and, as you water your containers from the hose, the liquified nitrogen is escaping from the container’s bottom. Garden compost tea is the absolute Cadillac of liquid plant food, and if you make your own garden compost tea, your plants will respond with larger and better flowers, as well as increased vigor.

No matter the size of the container used, it is crucial to soak it to the bottom at each watering. Continue watering up until water emerges from the pot bottom. This philosophy ensures that the roots can reach all parts of the container and grow appropriately.

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