6 Earth-Friendly Vehicle Tips

2015 marked a turning point in which Earth-friendly alternative-fuel and hybrid vehicles gained significant attention and an increasing market share. Better yet, the AAA Great Battery Roundup collected more than 20,000 used car batteries and disposed of them in an ecologically sound way.

But you don’t need to have old batteries lying around, nor must you buy a hybrid automobile to protect the environment. According to AAA spokesperson Michael Calkins, you can make a meaningful contribution by embracing two easy-to-implement strategies: (1) regular car maintenance and (2) better driving routines.

The following suggestions can put you on the roadway to environmentally friendly cars and truck care:

(1) Keep your engine performing at peak performance in order to save fuel. Carry out regular vehicle maintenance at the times advised by your automobile’s manufacturer. Look for prompt service if the “check engine” alerting light stays brightened on the dash. To find a reliable repair work facility, don’t forget to ask good friends for suggestions.  But trying finding AAA Approved Auto Repair centers near you as well.

(2) Check the air pressure in your cars and truck’s tires routinely. Underinflated tires require your engine to work harder and utilize more fuel to preserve your desired speed.

(3) Have your automobile’s air conditioner serviced only by car specialists who are certified to correctly deal with them, and make sure to recycle old vehicle refrigerants. Older air conditioner systems contain ozone-depleting chemicals that might escape into the atmosphere.

(4) Some older automobiles utilize switches that contain highly harmful mercury to trigger glove-boxes, trunks, and hood lights. Numerous companies, including a number of AAA organizations throughout the nation, now host mercury “change out” programs in which these ecologically hazardous parts are eliminated for recycling and changed with nontoxic mechanical switches.

(5) Avoid “jack rabbit” starts, unexpected acceleration, and speeds above the published limits. All of these bad habits guzzle gas.

(6) Properly deal with engine fluids and batteries. Call your local government or waste management company to discover how. Never dispose of fluids on the ground or in any way that may enable them to make their way into groundwater, lakes, or streams. Further, correct automobile maintenance and eco-friendly driving habits conserve natural resources, lower exhaust emissions, and reward you with a lorry that will last longer and be safer to drive. To put it simply, when you “go green,” the Earth wins, your vehicle wins– and you are the biggest winner of all!

In conclusion, keep your engine running at peak performance in order to save fuel. Be sure to carry out routine vehicle maintenance at the recommended times indicated by your vehicle’s manufacturer. And properly dispose of engine fluids and batteries.

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