6 Steps to Buying Vinyl Fence

Not all vinyl fencing is created equal . . .

There are numerous types of fencing out there and many fence vendors, but by thinking about the following elements of a vinyl fencing purchase you will get more for your money, and you will end up with an asset that will go the distance. Follow these steps and you will be on your way to having a high-quality vinyl fence:

1. Know your Specifications
Prior to buying vinyl fencing, make sure you compare the fence specifications so you know exactly what you are getting. All high-quality vinyl fencing is made of vinyl extrusions. Generally, you have posts, rails, bottom rail reinforcement, and pickets. A lot of businesses offer lower grade vinyl fence posts that are .120″ or.135″ thick, which are more affordable since they use less vinyl.

2. Use Aluminum Supports
All vinyl fencing (other than post and rail) should come with metal supports in the bottom rail to add strength and prevent the rail from sagging. Make sure the vinyl fence you are purchasing has a rigid aluminum support in the bottom rail.

3. Don’t Buy Parts that will be Obsolete Next Year
Another factor to think about is the parts in the future. Vinyl fencing is expected to be a lifetime product; however, accidents do happen. The number of times a tree falls on a fence or a vehicle has gone through a fence would surprise you. A decent home store will always stock parts that will allow you to get your fence back together, cost-effectively, should any damage happen. The less expensive fencing, found at your nearby home improvement store, changes from season to season, and, generally, they do not keep any parts, so fixing older fences to match existing fence parts may be problematic. Parts are an essential matter to consider when acquiring a vinyl fence.

4. Inspect the Vendor’s Background
Associations are one of the most important aspects when purchasing a vinyl fence. When purchasing online, the business should be a member of the Better Business Bureau, in great standing. This is your very first hint in identifying whether the company is reputable. Since of their strict standards and approaches for mediation, if a concern emerges, the majority of businesses do not belong to the Better Business Bureau. Independent feedback from clients is also an excellent way to find out what their experience resembled in handling this business.

5. Pay with a Credit Card
Using a credit card is another method to protect yourself when investing in vinyl fencing. By taking these basic preventative measures, acquiring a vinyl fence over the internet is rather easy and provides virtually no risk.

6. Get a Warranty
Guarantees are another major issue from homeowners. Many vinyl fences come with “lifetime property guarantees”, but at the end of the day, what does that truly indicate? You must check out the guarantee and comprehend who lacks it. Will they be around if you ever have concerns? If you’re uncertain, be cautious about purchasing from them.

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