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7 Natural Stone Pebble Projects For Every Single House

Natural stone pebbles are becoming extremely popular in homes since of their wide range of colors and uses.  Here are seven natural stone pebble projects you can start in your home or garden today – Japanese gardens, ornamental pots, vases, paths/driveways, water features, ponds, and using pebbles as mulch!

Easy Natural Stone Pebble Projects

Japanese Gardens

Japanese Gardens and known for their serenity and tranquility (and are one of the more popular natural stone pebble projects).  This style of garden uses particular plants as well as rocks and water to create this effect.  Typically these gardens are small in scale and are incorporated into a general garden design rather than being the whole garden.

Ornamental Pots

Placing some pebbles around the top of a potted plant can make indoor plants more appealing.  The pebbles and selected pot should assist focus your eye on the plant you have chosen.


Pebbles are also very efficient utilized in the bottom of vases.  Glass vases in particular look excellent with some colored natural stone in the bottom.

Paths and Drives

Paths and drives end up being really low upkeep when covered with a topping of little natural stone pebbles.  Gravel drives and paths should have to maintain edging to hold the stones in location.  Paths and drives need to be topped up with additional stone periodically.

Water Features

It seems now that everybody desires a garden water feature. They can be extremely little or bold and quite large but constantly add an element of serenity to any garden. When preparing a water feature you can include natural stone in a range of ways. Larger stones around the edge of the feature can include character. Pebbles can likewise be used to cover the base of the water function and to conceal any cords or pumps that are utilized to power it. Prior to picking your stone keep in mind to wet a sample, as this is how it will search in your water function.


The exact same rule uses ponds to wet your sample and inspect the color of the stone. Natural stone is usually dirty when collected and when the dust comes off the genuine color is revealed. Ponds look fantastic with built-up edging. You can utilize a variety of products including function rocks, wood, metal, and numerous others. You can also mix and match numerous sized stones for a more natural appearance.

Using Pebbles As Mulch

Mulching is something more landscaping enthusiasts are carrying out in the garden.  In a nutshell, it involves including a layer of material over the top of your soil to assist with water retention.  This means less watering which saves time and also water products.  Not everybody has an unlimited supply of water or the interest to maintain pebbles, and yards are an excellent alternative, especially in naturally dry areas.

Weeding in garden beds is considerably reduced when using pebbles as mulch.  It is rather simple to pull a couple of weeds that try to grow around the pebbles.  As the plants develop and fill up the planting areas there is less space for weeds to discover a place to grow.

To stop the turf from coming up through the pebble mulch paths, laying a heavy layer of newspaper and then a layer of plastic or weed mat on top of the pebbles works effectively.  The newspapers and plastic aid to keep wetness, which is another important factor for mulching.  Plastic the pebbles that were recently in the planting holes are spread in a thick layer.  Larger flat rocks are used as edging.

Glass vases, specifically, look outstanding with some colored natural stone at the bottom.  Drives and courses end up being extremely low maintenance when covered with a topping of small natural stone pebbles.  When planning a water feature you can integrate natural stone in a range of methods.  Natural stone is generally dirty when collected and when the dust comes off the real color is revealed.  You can also blend and match numerous sized stones for a more natural appearance.

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