Are Dumpster Brokers Really Untrustworthy?

We do not believe so, but many questions do not lend themselves to an absolute answer . . .

All across the waste management business, dumpster brokers garner a terrible reputation.  This reputation is somewhat justified, given the sheer number of dumpster brokers who take advantage of local waste hauling companies, then decide to stiff those vendors doing providing the service.  Although our company is well aware of the many dumpster brokering companies that pull this nasty punch, we will not disclose the names of such companies here, as doing so would not only constitute an instance of unprofessionalism (i.e., “broker bashing”) but could also lead to libelous legal issues.

What are a few negative statements made against brokers?

  • Brokers are middlemen who charge their customers extra. Often times, this claim is truthful, but a dumpster broker who provides local dumpster rental companies with many jobs can often bargain their way into securing more savings; therefore, such savings can be passed along to the very customer in need of dumpster rental service. The goal, of course, is to obtain better dumpster rental prices or rates for the customer.  That business model is exactly what All Things Waste attempts to execute, day in and day out.
  • You are not speaking to the local dumpster rental company. By definition, yes, such a claim is true, yet trivial. Just because you decide to secure your dumpster rental with a local waste management company does not necessarily entail that your experience or communication with that company will somehow be better. That belief simply does not logically follow.  Indeed, waste brokers depend upon providing exceptional customer service because their jobs depend upon obtaining more customer volume than any local waste management company.
  • Securing your dumpster rental through a dumpster broker means that your hard-earned money will be given to another company in another state. Yes, it is true that the initial transaction will likely take place in another state. However, dumpster brokers must still pay their selected vendors for the services that are provided.  Thus, only a small fraction of the money you give to a dumpster broker service will actually remain in the state in which the dumpster broker company resides.
  • Dumpster broker companies do not know the business as well as local hauling companies. This misnomer could not be further than the truth.  In fact, many local waste management companies, surprisingly enough, do not even know the difference between construction and waste material and municipal solid waste.  Take it from us.  It happens all the time!  Further, especially if the local dumpster company is so small that the owner does the driving and bookkeeping, companies are quick to tell you their dumpster service rates but fail to put forth what exactly that dumpster rental price actually includes.  For example, local dumpster rental companies are notorious for conveniently leaving our fuel and environmental fees, franchise fees, delivery fees, landfill charges, credit card fees, etc.  Because dumpster brokers understand this lack of communication occurs all the time, we know the appropriate questions to ask local vendors so that further transactional headaches do not occur.

Many, many more negative statements exist in the ether of the waste management industry.  No doubt about it.  However, just because you may not select a local hauling company directly but contact a broker instead to do the dirty work, does not necessarily mean that you are getting ripped off or violating social or business norms.  Middlemen exist for many reasons.  Our roll off dumpster service company would like to be your go-to waste management company, and if we fail to uphold our end of the bargain, then we fail to establish solid relationships with future customers and other local waste hauling vendors.  In other words, it is our job to be as efficient as possible, or we will not be in business, at least not in business for years to come.

We hope this little article casts dumpster brokers in a better light.  The US has many dumpster brokers provide exceptionally good service.  And providing exceptionally good service requires us to be forthright, communicative, phone and email savvy, have a good working knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting principles, among a laundry list of other necessities that make our niche work for us.  If you should decide to contact us for your dumpster rental needs, we shall do everything possible to make sure your dumpster service experience goes off without a hitch.

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