Best Way To Fix A Cracking Driveway – Resurface Your Concrete In 4 Steps!

What’s the best way to fix a cracking driveway?  We all know how annoying it is to put so much time and effort into making our concrete driveways look better than ever.  But what should you do if your concrete driveway begins to crack or if gaps start to slowly appear?  The best way to fix a cracking driveway is to resurface your concrete, and here are the four steps it takes to resurface your cracking driveway!

Why Resurfacing Concrete Is The Best Way To Fix A Cracking Driveway

Resurfacing concrete is a technique of mending concrete pieces after the surface has fractured or become discolored.  Concrete fracturing, or other issues with concrete, generally take place over many years.  Concrete resurfacing is a technique of mending concrete pieces after these issues appear.  It’s also intended to repair these types of issues and bring back the aesthetic of the original driveway. 

Aesthetic Concrete Resurfacing

Aesthetic concrete resurfacing restores the appeal of the concrete but also incorporates further decorative elements.  These further elements can feature designs and colors that provide an artistic enhancement to the driveway.  Indeed, some finished concrete products turn out to be incredible pieces of artistic talent.  Rates for concrete resurfacing heavily differ depending on the sort of job you’re wishing to have completed, not to mention how stylistically elaborate you’re willing to pay for.  Prices normally start at roughly three dollars for every square foot and can reach costs of over 7 dollars for every square foot.  However, the results can truly be amazing.

What Does Concrete Resurfacing Look Like?

Since we know the best way to fix a cracking driveway is to resurface your concrete, it’s time to look at the process of resurfacing.  The first activity performed during concrete resurfacing is cleaning the area that needs to be resurfaced. This job should always be performed with a heavy-duty pressure washer to ensure that all blemishes, nasty crud, and clutter get blasted away.

How To Prepare Gaps And Cracks

Next, figuring out which steps to take in restoring the cracks is necessary.  Gaps or separations get well primed and filled with a hardening material. After the hardening material dries, the fabric is laid and then a skim coat is painted over the fabric material.  The polymer concrete is smoothed and feathered over split concrete areas.  When the gaps are fixed, should any further openings or small crevices remain in the concrete, they will be pumped with epoxy mortar.  After the concrete has been carefully mended, it is time to begin the resurfacing of the concrete.

Getting Started With Concrete Resurfacing

The prime coat and the broadcasting of concrete granule is done until all the fractures and gaps are finalized before a texture coat gets put on. First, you must blend the material according to the directions on the package. At that point, the mix is will be sprayed over the desired areas utilizing a special spray gun. As soon as the area is sprayed, the surface area needs to be troweled to ensure the area is even. This requires working from top to bottom with a light touch. Following the troweling, the color coat is applied and a concrete sealer follows.

What Happens When The Concrete Isn’t Repairable?

When concrete driveways are in need of repair, it’s always an expensive endeavor to embark upon. However, sometimes concrete driveways are simply meant to be sledgehammered and removed. In such cases, All Things Waste has a job to do for you. We can provide your concrete specialists with numerous dumpsters to ensure that all discarded concrete is disposed of quickly and correctly. The good news is that, more often than not, concrete waste can be recycled, which means that customers often get discounts on their roll-off container rentals.


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