Decluttering Your Life: Will a Dumpster Be Needed?

Decluttering your life can have a considerably uplifting impact on your emotions and moods. Feng Shui specialists, for example, claim that structures, as well as home furnishings, hold onto the memories of people and events by a certain kind of energy, which, by decluttering, you give yourself the opportunity to rid yourself of those previous upsetting occasions.

Physical decluttering, too, can have a kind of cleansing impact on individuals’ psychologically. When we rid ourselves of the objects we have been stashing for an extended period of time, we often release deep emotional memories that we have been grasping onto for probably far too long. Thus, by removing physical clutter, you may be provided an opportunity to clear up that mental space in your head and in your heart.

Messes we find around ourselves surrounded by are not always or simply physical. We can also have psychological and emotional messes impeding the flow of energy in, and to, our lives. Clearing away such unwelcome messes is assured to improve our general psychological health. A few examples of such purges: undone or unfinished tasks; people or activities that drain you of energy; acting immaturely around individuals; “busy-ness”, saturating your time with obligations you feel duty-bound to see through; and leaving no time to nurture your spirit and rejuvenate your body. Even if such terminology may be offputting, the general sense of unease should still be readily apparent.

A few suggestions for clearing away your physical mess:

– Look at your house and also recognize the locations that need decluttering. Simplify the chores into tiny tasks that can be accomplished in a reasonable amount of time, rather than tackling one big task to be checked off in only a day. Beginning small, with everyday places, such as the kitchen area, might be a good starting point. Leave the tougher tasks for another day, when you’re able to plan for a more complicated accomplishment.

– Go through your items and sort them out, then ask yourself, Do I love it? Do I need it? Do I use it? Will I ever need it?  What is it? A simple “no” to any of these questions should be a good reason to toss the item.

– Divide whatever into four piles: (1) Keep, (2) Recycle, (3) Dump, (4) Add. As soon as you’re done, rid yourself of the items that aren’t immediately needed, and transport them to their new destination.

– Once your significant purging and sorting are done, stay clear of new items by staying atop the organization or disposal in the future.

Tips for removing your mental/emotional clutter:

– Make an itemized list of anything you’ve been putting off and ask yourself why you’ve been putting it off. What can you reasonably handle or accomplish and what can you reasonably remove from your life? Create a clear strategy about what you believe must be done.

– Stop fretting. No good results from constant worry.  Worrying will not help to accomplish your goals; it will likely prevent the results you’re stressing over; and it will ruin your capacity to derive any pleasurable experiences in the present. When a bad thought surfaces, get rid of it promptly and try thinking about something positive and relaxing. Focus your energy on only those things you want to see realized.

– Follow through on your desires. When you’ve declared that you’ll do some task, but you keep putting it off, over and over again, it drains you of the very energy that helps accomplish your goals.

– Let go of head trash and learn to forgive. When someone sleights you, it’s an obvious normal reaction to be upset and not allow yourself to forgive. But that head trash ruins your overall wellbeing, both psychological and physical; thus, it’s good practice to release that anger and forgive the person who caused you grief. Forgiving people doesn’t entail that you immediately welcome them back into your life.  It just means releasing the negative memory of what they’ve done.

– Reject people and activities that have no positive impact. Instead, surround yourself with others who uplift, educate, and make you feel better.

What now?

All Things Waste can’t directly help you tackle your mental impediments, but we can certainly be a good go-between for you and your desire to create a more organized and clutter-free life.  Roll-off containers are utilized often to contain that very junk that’s causing the psychological sluggishness of which you’d like to rid yourself.  It may sound silly, but, when you see all of that stuff that’s caused you so much grief in the past filling up a large dumpster, you’ll know immediately that it’s the dumpster that is now containing all of that negativity, not your house nor your mind.  That’s why we’re here.  We’re here to aid you in your recovery process; indeed, it’s a large part of our business, so we do it all the time.  Please let us know how we can help you on your exciting journey.

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