Efficiency Equals Reduction

Performance Equates To Decrease . . . 

Just think.  At the grocery store, the individual bagging your purchases left empty, unused spaces in each bag, triggering you to carry 10 instead of 5 bags out to your car, then into your home. Likewise, rather than filling a garbage bag or bin with large, empty areas, we can all perform some simple acts to help keep resulting transportation costs down while decreasing fossil fuel consumption and conserving time and money.

The flattening of boxes significantly increases space-effectiveness in a garbage bin. This rule of thumb does not just apply to cardboard boxes, but also includes any paperboard (e.g., cereal or pet food) as well. Further, if it is possible to remove both the bottom and top covers, crushing aluminum cans prior to recycling is far more effective. Aluminum foil items are easily flattened by hand, too.

Periodically crush your trash bag down to its true size. You will find that doing so translates to putting your garbage bins on the curb occurs less frequently. Garbage collection costs are more quickly retained by the waste service company due to reduced costs per individual bag, and some companies even provide a discounted rate for those who produce less waste.

When possible, composting organic material helps to reduce the amount of waste being tossed.  There are at least two kinds of organic waste breakdown: composting or vermiculture. Composting organic waste decreases household trash by about 30%. Reuse individual plastic bags to isolate rancid meat, bones, and pet waste. By managing odors in the garbage, the bag will not have to be put out on the curb nearly as often.

Imagine that your waste and recycling was now half the size that it usually was previously. This implies, in theory, that the waste pickup services would reduce expenses by 50%; the landfills would be getting half of what they are used to; fewer journeys to the recycling depot; less contamination; and so on.

Well, you get the picture. It is simple to make a difference and we can all begin in your home.

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