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Did you know Georgia leads the nation in the production of paper and board, tufted textile products, and processed chicken. Other major manufactured products are transportation equipment, food products, apparel, and chemicals? Sure does. But that’s not why you’re here is it?

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Recycling, Solid Waste & Composting in Georgia

Georgia is getting even better with its recycling

Recycle 4 Georgia

Georgia Dumpster Rental 1Recycle 4 Georgia is a new state-wide recycling campaign organized by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs Office of Environmental Management.  Already the campaign has developed and distributed 35 Away From Home recycling trailers for use at special events.  The trailers were awarded to local governments throughout the state for use in area events such as festivals, fairs, and sporting events.  Local governments use the trailers for their own events as well as renting them out to other parties interested in recycling at their events.  The trailers contain Clear Stream containers designed specifically for special event recycling stored on carts for easy set up.  The trailers also come with promotional materials like posters, stickers, and temporary tattoos as well as a user manual to help event organizers develop a recycling program for their event.

In 2010, DEACS embarked on a new campaign called Recycle More NC for the 35-year-old and older demographic. The goal is to not only increase the amount of curbside recycling, but also increase recycling participation at work and while out-and-about.

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As part of its Clinton Global Initiative commitment (2012), Keep America Beautiful hosts a program designed to increase recycling in the workplace. Specifically, the initiative invites business, commercial and institutional entities to pledge to increase the recycling of beverage containers, paper and cardboard, electronics and other recyclable materials generated in the workplace through a variety of actions. Entities may volunteer to report on actions taken to increase recycling and the results of those actions. An array of tools and resources, plus discounts on recycling bins, will be available online for pledges.

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Composting is like printing money and minimizes waste. As much as 30% of the waste landfills in the United States might possibly be compostable. This consists of lawn particles, food & paper waste. The State of North Carolina actively urges its citizens to start or continue composting.


  • It is a totally free natural and organic fertilizer and soil additive.
  • It Lowers waste output by as much as 30% may possibly minimize the expenses of your waste costs.

Earth Machine ComposterComposting is something we can do to help nature recycle valuable nutrients back into the soil. Composting your organic wastes not only keeps them out of the landfills (which means less trash, fewer landfills, and reduced costs for trash collection), but when applied back into your lawn or garden, it also increases the health of your soil.   Earth Machine Compost bins are available from Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful for $50 (tax included).  We accept cash and check.

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Discover more about GA’s strong waste guidelines and policies.

Understand the laws relating to solid waste and disposal for your next house or business cleanout, remodeling, re-roofing project or a new construction build-out.

For instance, soft goods, for example, fridges, A/C units, ovens, dishwashers, other large appliances can NOT be hauled to municipal land fills in Georgia. Those breaking this law can be fined up to $200 for every single offense.

Be sure to check out Georgia’s Fact Card on Composting and Recycling.