Guide To Asbestos Waste Disposal

For workmen who handle asbestos elimination as a part of their jobs, asbestos waste disposal is a matter of extreme importance. Because of the health risks of asbestos direct exposure, much caution is needed to dispose of such dangerous material. This account encapsulates some standards for safe asbestos waste disposal.

  • Asbestos Waste Disposal – Removal Procedures:

In this stage of the asbestos waste disposal procedure, the persons undertaking the elimination need to wear personal protective equipment and bring all tools inside the work area. Once the asbestos is disturbed, bringing all tools inside is done to limit exits from the location. The floor tile and vinyl sheeting (i.e., linoleum) are wetted with changed water to suppress the possible release of asbestos fibers. For the floor tiles, one must utilize a hammer and putty knife on the edges to pop them loose. The remaining tiles can be popped up gently, using the knife at a 45-degree angle, hence preventing excessive damage. The linoleum adhered to the flooring is then cut on the edges or over the entire floor surface area in workable areas with a linoleum knife. A scraper is used to scrape the bottom edge of the linoleum. Any remaining linoleum residue or adhesives that stay adhered to the flooring tiles must be removed by moistening them completely with amended water and hand scrubbing with an abrasive pad. Sand the adhesive is not advisable, as this could trigger the release of asbestos fibers.

  • Asbestos Waste Disposal – Cleanup:

The next action in the asbestos waste disposal procedure includes getting rid of prospective asbestos dust and particle kinds in the workspace. All surface areas, poly sheeting, and equipment within the work area must be wiped down with a moist cloth, regularly washing it, and altering the water. Then, one must dispose of the protective material after rolling it up completely. Next, one must place the towels and mop heads into waste bags, sealing them with duct tape. After completing the procedure, the person must clean himself with a shower to get rid of asbestos fibers still remaining on body and hair.

  • Asbestos Waste Disposal – Minnesota Department of Public Health (MDH) Recommendations:

Asbestos garbage disposal concludes with getting rid of the waste in a landfill that accepts asbestos waste. MDH recommends that one ought to get in touch with a local waste hauler for a special pickup, take the services of a certified reduction specialist for pick-up, and dispose of asbestos waste material or dispose of the waste yourself. You have to be mindful to seal the product and mark and label all the containers and bags for asbestos-containing materials if you opt to dispose of the waste on your own.

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