How To Construct Your Dream Fence – 3 Things You Should Know

Learning how to construct your dream fence isn’t a difficult task to accomplish.  In fact, people construct fences for numerous reasons.  There are those who do so for security, sound reduction, and boundary purposes.  There are also those who feel that properly designed and built fences are elegant additions to the landscapes of their homes.  Whether for security or for aesthetic reasons, fences are the best method to go.  Adding fences to a particular home will absolutely enhance your lifestyle and can increase the worth of your home.  Today, we’re going to look at how to construct your dream fence.

Material Needed To Construct Your Dream Fence

There are many types of fences that can be selected if you’re learning how to construct your dream fence.  There used to be a time when fences were constructed totally from scratch by those who only desired cookie cutter, white picket fences.  These days, preassembled fence panels can be easily purchased with no hassle at all.  These make fence construction much quicker and easier than in the past.

Panels And Styles

The home improvement market has loads of different fence panels to offer, regardless of how normal or eclectic your taste may be.  Some fences are distinctively designed so that not a single one is the same as another.  However, there are three significant preassembled fence panel styles that you can typically select from.  These three consist of the solid, the spaced picket, and the shadowbox fence panel styles.

Solid Style

Solid style fencing is used as containment fencing. This design enables total personal privacy and is typically used to surround pools and divide home lines.  This solid design is also intended to hide undesirable areas or unsightly highways from view.  Fences with solid styling generally utilize closely-spaced pickets that differ in design.  Two of these designs include the basic dog-ear style and the pointed top or intricate style.

Picket Style

Fences that sport the spaced picket style are typically much shorter than those that sport the solid style. The advantage this styling has over the others is that it purposefully does not obstruct one’s view from the surrounding location.

Shadowbox Style

The shadowbox fence contains staggered rows of pickets on both sides of the railing.  Anyone on either side of the fence has almost the same exact view of the fence, making it an ideal design.  With shadowbox fencing, you still get the feel of privacy without the fence feeling and looking like a wall around your property.

Durability Of Your Fence

If you want to make sure your fencing is going to withstand harsh weather conditions, it’s essential to pay attention to what products your fencing is made of.  Wood fencing treated with paint, stain, or waterproofing sealer should be considered if you’re looking to keep your fence in good condition for years.  Utilizing weather-resistant galvanized nails and exterior screws is also a great option to ensure your fence will stand the test of time.

Save Money In The Long Run

Paying a significant premium for the best material allows for the construction of fences that won’t wear, splinter, or crack.  Yes – you may (and probably should) pay more money for upfront construction.  However, in the long run, you’ll save material and labor costs by avoiding many problems that cheaply made fences pose over time.  Buy smart, avoid the excess cost, and skip the unwarranted labor by doing it right the first time.


Are you still wondering how to construct your dream fence?  There are a few things you should keep in mind before doing so.

Preassembled fence panels come in handy if you’re looking to construct your dream fence.  There are three main styles of preassembled panels – solid, picket, and shadowbox.  Once choosing a preassembled fencing style, ensure your fence will last as long as possible by utilizing wood treatments and building your fence right the first time.

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