How To Landscape Your Driveway – 4 Best Things You Should Know Before Starting

Have you ever wondered how to landscape your driveway?  If your driveway isn’t landscaped, it should be! Landscaping your driveway includes both the driveway itself and the design areas on either side of the driveway.  Many different material options and endless amounts of ideas are available right now to make your driveway much more appealing.  In this post, we’ll go over exactly how to landscape your driveway to give your property the curb appeal you’ve been looking for!

How To Landscape Your Driveway And Why

architecture-1867187_1920The number one reason to landscape your driveway is to create a good entrance.  As the entrance to your home and property, the driveway should not be overlooked or disregarded.  This entrance is the first thing others see, and first impressions of your home can go one of two ways.  It can be aesthetically diminishing for other landscaped areas around the house, or the entrance can add depth to the overall appearance of your house.

The choice to landscape your driveway is simple.  However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed if you’ve never taken on the task of landscaping anything before.  Before we dive into anything else, it’s important to know a few landscaping terms.  We’re going to discuss the difference between hardscapes and softscapes before you figure out how to landscape your driveway.


Hardscapes include the hard stuff in the area you’re landscaping.  Typical hardscapes consist of material like bricks, stone, and concrete.  These materials make up walls, fences, and other structures that can accent your driveway.  For example, a small fence can add lots of character to–and enrich the color of–the landscape. Hanging baskets or lanterns on the fence for added charm is also a fun idea that can really improve the ambiance of your yard. Large rocks and stones can also be eye-catching, especially when they’re full of deep, rich colors. You can even plant small flowers in the cracks of the stones to produce an even more decorative environment.


how to landscape your driveway - this is a house with a landscaped yard and drivewaySoftscapes include living parts of your landscaping – shrubs, trees, flowers, and other decorative plants.  This is the part of landscaping that most people think about when it comes to making your yard much more appealing.  When it comes to softscape options, many landscaping ideas come to mind, including planting a flower bed or adding groundcover along the driveway. Either of these choices will help you develop a border that is attractive and will also help to separate the lawn from the actual driveway.

Decorative trees and shrubs can do the exact same thing along the edge of the driveway.  Things like manicured shrubs tend to add even more design features to the appearance of the driveway landscape.

Another idea to consider is the curved driveway. If your driveway is curved, a great trick is to add a focal point. For example, you can add a small waterfall, a flower bed, or a rock garden there. Whatever you choose should be eye-catching since the curve drives attention to that specific point of your driveway. You can use water gardens, a wanting well, and so on to enhance this primary location to make it look even more fantastic.

Utilizing simple landscaping ideas like creating simple flower beds, building a stone pathway, or planting a few shrubs on either side of your driveway can entirely transform the entryway to your home.

How Expensive Is Landscaping?

Believe it or not, you don’t need to spend a large amount of money on your entrance.  Landscaping should involve a little imagination and creativity, so it’s important to choose attractive elements.  However, your landscaping project can be completed at a very low-cost, with the result being as beautiful and inviting as you want it to be.

What Does Your Budget Look Like?

how to landscape your driveway - here is a house being built without any landscaping completedBefore jumping into your next landscaping project, be sure that you create a budget before starting out.  Is your idea of landscaping something that requires minimal upkeep?  Or are you looking for a landscaping project that requires upkeep for each season or even requires outside help?

For example, if you are going for a design with minimal upkeep, don’t plant a flower bush at the end of your driveway.  This is a place where plants can easily be destroyed by neighbors and small animals.  Instead, you may want to create a beautiful rock garden or plant evergreen shrubs along the side of your driveway.

Keep The Design Of Your Driveway In Mind

Another thing to keep in mind is the design of your home’s pathway and/or driveway. Don’t use any design items that can be trampled by everyday foot traffic. You wouldn’t want visitors going out of their way, or even worse, ruining your plants to reach your door.  Make it easy on your guests and on yourself, and stick with landscaping that flows with your driveway.


Landscaping your driveway should create an eye-catching entrance to your home and/or property.  Figuring out how to landscape your driveway consists of both hardscapes and softscapes.  Hardscapes include the “hard” parts of your yard, like stones, fencing, and other materials.  Softscapes include all the plants, flowers, and greenery used in landscaping.


Planning out how to landscape doesn’t have to be way out of your price range.  Make sure when landscaping to keep a budget in mind.  You don’t want to plant items that require year-round upkeep and maintenance if you’re on a tight budget.

Also, keep your driveway’s design in mind.  You don’t want to place plants or flowers in a high-traffic area or in an area of your yard that can be easily destroyed.  This will also ensure that you’re able to stick within your landscaping budget.

Learning how to landscape your driveway isn’t as difficult as many people make it out to be.  Have you ever completed the task of landscaping your driveway?  Looking for more landscaping ideas, like constructing your dream fence or creating your own concrete patio?  We’ve got more landscaping tips coming to you soon!

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