The Pelican State – Louisiana

Pelicans Aren’t the Only Thing Louisiana is Known For…

The Battle of New Orleans, which made Andrew Jackson a national hero, was fought two weeks after the War of 1812 had ended and more than a month before the news of the war’s end had reached Louisiana.  -and- Louisiana is the only state in the union that does not have counties. Its political subdivisions are called parishes.

Who knew right?  But let’s talk about why you’re here today.  That would make more sense right?  Dumpster rentals for your junk removal.

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Recycling, Solid Waste & Composting in Louisiana

LA is getting even better with its recycling

Keep Louisiana Beautiful


Keep Lousiana Beautiful - LogoKeep Louisiana Beautiful is the state’s anti-litter and community improvement organization focused on education, enforcement, awareness and cleanups. Affiliated with Keep America Beautiful, our mission is to “promote personal, corporate and community responsibility for a clean and beautiful Louisiana.”

Keeping Louisiana beautiful starts with you, and there are tons of ways to get involved. Whether you’re planting a neighborhood garden, covering up graffiti or cleaning up a local playground, you’re making a huge difference in your community. Taking action now helps preserve our state for generations to come.

Here are just a few beautification ideas you can start right now:


  • Plant a tree  or garden on a blighted corner (learn more here )
  • Cover graffiti with your friends
  • Organize a neighborhood cleanup day
  • Build your own community garden
  • Take your boat out and pick up litter on the water


Locate a Recycler:

Composting is like printing money and minimizes waste. As much as 30% of the waste landfills in the United States might possibly be compostable. This consists of lawn particles, food & paper waste. The State of Louisiana actively urges its citizens to start or continue composting.


  • It is a totally free natural and organic fertilizer and soil additive.
  • It Lowers waste output by as much as 30% may possibly minimize the expenses of your waste costs.

Find out more about how and why to compost:

  1. All Things Waste Composting guide.
  2. LSU Troubleshooting Your Compost Pile PDF Guide

Discover more about LA’s strong waste guidelines and policies.

Understand the laws relating to solid waste and disposal for your next house or business cleanout, remodeling, re-roofing project or a new construction build-out.

For instance, soft goods, for example, fridges, A/C units, ovens, dishwashers, other large appliances can NOT be hauled to municipal land fills in Georgia. Those breaking this law can be fined up to $200 for every single offense.

Updated Solid Waste Regulations were promulgated on November 20, 2011.  The rule was published with the incorrect effective date.  An Emergency Rule was adopted on November 21, 2011 changing the effective date of the rule from October 20, 2011 to November 20, 2011, its actual date of publication.