Removing Old Trees: What Can Be Learned?

Removing Old Trees

Removing a tree can be an uncomfortable decision to make.  But, occasionally, the tree to be removed resides too close to the home, shows signs of being unhealthy–perhaps indicating an incurable problem of some insect or pest–or maybe the tree’s branches stretch out too high or stands too close to a power line. Many times, even, neighbors find it unsightly.  No matter the story, it is unethical to permit the tree to endure under such negative, unwanted conditions.

Let us assume that you have committed to taking down the unwanted tree. Because negligent or inadequate preparation can lead to further problems, such as financial headaches, ill preparation leads to many home windows being knocked out and vehicles being smashed. Always properly execute the tree removal in such a way that the tree will drop totally free from anything else that a wrongly-felled tree might harm.

You need to climb up the tree and tie up at least 2 lengthy ropes near the top as soon as your plan as been carefully considered. Support them on the opposite side of the one that you want it to drop in the direction of. Doing so will allow you to change the direction in which the tree is being dropped in, just in case you find yourself in a situation in which the tree begins leaning in the direction of something it can damage.

Cutting down a tree by hand will certainly be tiresome; therefore, utilizing a power saw will likely make the job easier. If you do not own the right power equipment, borrowing a chainsaw from a neighbor can definitely save you some money. In case no neighbor possesses the right equipment, purchase or lease one from your local home store or rental shop.

Before you begin cutting at the tree, you must utilize correct eye and face protection, in case timber chips fly in the direction of your eyes. Non-professionals damage eyes and faces all the time, so please do not become one of those unnerving statistics.  Be sure to always use correct body protection if you decide to use a chainsaw to fell your tree.

When making the cut, do not simply make a straight line cut into the tree. It is best to reduce a lateral “V” into the tree. If you notch in a “V”, the tree will be able to drop in the precise location that you want it to land.

When it comes to stump removal, you have a number of options.  The main option is to lease a stump chipper/grinder that will chip up the noticeable, protruding area of the stump. Digging out the stump is a laborious project.  Once you have done it, you will never want to do it again.

Afterward, make sure all wood is discarded appropriately.  You can dispose of it yourself or call a local dumpster company to offload a rolloff container for the tree’s disposal.

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