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So, how much Does It Cost to Rent a Dumpster?

The cost of renting a roll-off dumpster is based on a number of factors.  Your roll off dumpster rental comprises the following and answers the relevant dumpster rental questions:

  • Rental Time
    • How long will the roll off dumpster be needed? 3 days, a week, 2 weeks, a month, 6 months?
    • Will you need the roll off dumpster to remain on your job site for a longer period of time?
  • Availability
    • Will the correct roll off dumpster be available? Will I need a 10 yard roll off dumpster, 20 yard roll off dumpster, or a 30 yard roll off dumpster?
    • If not, should I wait for the correct size roll off dumpster, or does time dictate that a comparable roll off dumpster size be chosen instead?
  • Debris Weight
    • Is the debris being discarded heavy (e.g., concrete, dirt, brick) or light (e.g., cardboard, paper)?
    • Can I afford to pay for extra weight if the weight allotment is surpassed?
  • Debris Type
    • Am I disposing of household hazardous waste (HHW), municipal solid waste (MSW), construction and demolition waste (C&D), concrete, asphalt, cinder block, dirt, or metal?
    • How much more will it cost for me to secure my roll off dumpster rental if, say, I’m disposing of MSW instead of C&D?
  • Dumpster Size
    • Do I need a small roll-off container or a large roll off dumpster?
    • Does the debris type being discarded dictate a particular size roll off dumpster?
    • What’s the volume of debris being disposed of?
  • Location
    • Is the roll off dumpster needed in an urban or rural area?
    • How hilly or muddy is the property?
    • Do I need a dumpster permit to set the roll-off container on the street?

A Brief Explanation and Dumpster Rental Question Answering

As you can see, the factors that fill in the cost blanks are considerable.  But these factors will be explained whenever you call us to set up your dumpster rental.  Not adhering to the parameters listed above will result in extra costs.  The extra costs aren’t necessarily ‘penalties’ so much as they set boundaries on your dumpster rental.  After all, roll-off containers are expensive metal bins, and it’s simply not cost-effective for haulers to leave a roll-off container on a job site for a long time without having some action on it. But let’s attempt to answer some of the questions listed above.

  • How long will the dumpster be needed?

This question may seem perfectly obvious, but budgeting one’s time is often more complicated than it appears. Creating a schedule for your dumpster rental is paramount to staying within your roll off dumpster rental cost parameters.  If you have a small project ahead of you, knowing exactly when the dumpster should be delivered is still very important because all of us are often derailed by more pressing requirements, such as family, job, neighborhood, and social obligations.  Planning ahead and being specific about the perfect delivery date will help you more productively complete any disposal job.

But, as mentioned earlier, the reason why knowing exactly when and how long a dumpster will be needed is that a roll off dumpster that merely sits on the ground, without a scheduled final haul or the container’s being dumped and returned to the site, isn’t making any extra money for the dumpster rental company.  Each day a roll-off container sits on the ground, the waste hauler isn’t making a profit on the roll off dumpster.  Therefore, rental periods are imposed and should be respected if you’re wanting to stay within your budget and within your own timeframe.

  • Will the correct dumpster be available?

Whether or not the right size roll off dumpster will be available at the time desired for your dumpster rental can be a crapshoot if you don’t provide adequate notice to the roll off dumpster rental company you’re wanting to supply your dumpster rental.  Especially when the season is busy, usually during the warm months, you’ll want to schedule well in advance the dumpster that suitable for you.  It’s not often that waiting lists put you months away from securing the date of your dumpster delivery; however, it can definitely occur, especially when natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires, immediately present roll off dumpster rental

Can I Find a Cheap Roll off Dumpster Rental Easily?

Simply provide us a telephone call! All Things Waste has the most inexpensive (and cheap) roll-off dumpster rentals in the waste disposal industry. Our roll off dumpster rental rates are traditionally much cheaper than most other roll-off dumpster rental companies. Our flat rates include the delivery and removal of your dumpster and the tax obligations related to waste removal.

Flat-Rate vs Variable-Rates for Roll off Dumpster Rentals

A variable-rate leaves plenty of room for that ‘shock and awe’ once you get your dumpster bill. Most of the time, there are unspoken or unknown variables that appear out of nowhere. All Things Waste, on the other hand, opt to provide flat-rate pricing on all roll off dumpster rentals. This practice leaves far less wiggle room for the unexpected roll off dumpster rental charges. Variable-rate roll off dumpster rental prices aren’t typically higher-priced, however, and they can be a bit more difficult when trying to predict the final dumpster bill. That could toss a wrench into your dumpster rental preparation, as well as budgeting for all waste management jobs you’re looking to complete.

Variable Rate Roll off Dumpster Rental Invoice

Securing your roll off dumpster rental from All Things Waste will keep you from worrying about how much the roll off dumpster will cost. You’ll be able to safely draw out a budget for your home renovation job, or, if you’re a contractor bidding on a large job, you will recognize just what expenses to calculate into your customer’s future roll off dumpster rentals. If you need to correctly pin down the cost of your dumpster rental upfront, why not go with a roll off dumpster rental company that uses flat rates?  Exactly.  We think so, too!

Special Rates for Special Roll off Dumpster Rentals

Heavy debris, such as concrete, roofing shingles, asphalt, or fill dirt, will call for a specific size roll off dumpster, usually because the truck used to transport the roll off container needs should be adequately sized. These special roll off dumpsters often have unique rental pricing and unique dumpster rental terms. Every concrete roll off dumpster or roofing roll off dumpster has a certain weight limit or capacity, as well as unique standards that will hold the dumpster within the appropriate weight restrictions. A roll off dumpster should not be filled up more than halfway with heavy material, such as the case with concrete or asphalt disposal. All roll off dumpsters that contain mixed loads (i.e., loads not specifically containing heavy, usually recyclable, debris) will forfeit the special rate often granted for recyclable material.

We strive to remove your roll off dumpster and dispose of your unwanted waste at the most affordable rate possible since customer satisfaction is a top concern in the garbage industry. Our company believes that the finest roll off dumpster rental experiences begin with budget-friendly, bargain dumpster rental costs, so capitalize on our budget dumpster rentals, and also throw away your unwanted junk at a low, flat rate. Try to avoid the large roll-off dumpster companies if you can.

Our inexpensive dumpster rental rates differ because of the size of the roll-off dumpster, increasing as the capacity or holding volume of the roll off dumpster rises. All Things Waste has the most affordable roll-off dumpster rental rates in the waste management market. Our dumpster rental costs are ordinarily about $70.00 less expensive than all roll off dumpster rental businesses. If you desire transparency regarding the rate of your roll off dumpster rental, go with a roll off dumpster rental company that employs flat rate prices.  In other words, call All Things Waste today to rent your dumpster today!

Call now for the best rates in town on our dumpster rentals.

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