3 Easy Tips for Effective Container Gardening

There are many tips for effective container gardening with how widely popular gardening has become in recent years.  However, there are three things you should keep in mind before starting your own container garden.  Using the correct soil, regularly fertilizing your plants, and fully watering your plants are the easiest tips for effective container gardening, and here’s why.

tips for effective container gardening - use potting soil instead of dirt or other soil1) Use Correct Soil

Plant roots stop growing because they require excellent open areas to move into and soak up nutrients.  Difficult, compressed soil does not grow vibrant, healthy plants.  This is why you should never use real soil in your containers.  Potting soil is always the way to go when it comes to growing an effective container garden.  More potting soil with your plants means better water retention for your plants as well, making it easier for your plants to survive.

2) Regularly Fertilize Your Plants

On top of using potting soil, adding fertilizer also helps keep your plants in the best condition possible.  When it comes to fertilizers, there are two types – granular fertilizers and liquid fertilizers.  Both types of fertilizers can be used for container gardens, but there are pros and cons to both types.

Granular Fertilizer

Granular fertilizers are typically slow-release and are easy to apply to plants.  This means that they break down over a period of time instead of quickly releasing nutrients like the liquid type.  Because this type of fertilizer provides nutrients for months at a time, using granular fertilizer is the best option for your container garden if you’re the forgetful type.

Liquid Fertilizer

As stated above, liquid fertilizer is fast-acting.  Because it’s in a liquid form, it’s much easier to apply to plants than granules.  It is applied when you water your plants and can also be applied as a spray, which makes it quicker than ever for your plants to get their nutrients.  The only major downside to liquid fertilizer is that it doesn’t last months as the granular type does.  You’ll need to ensure you regularly fertilize your container garden if you choose to stick with liquid fertilizer over granules.

tips for effective container gardening - herbs hung in containers3) Water Your Plants Correctly

The last of the three easy tips for effective container gardening is watering your plants.  While it’s obvious that your plants can’t live without water, it’s important to note that soil, in general, tends to dry out faster in containers than it does in the ground.  So no matter the size of the container used in your garden, it is crucial to soak it to the bottom of the container during each watering.  Continue watering up until water emerges from the pot bottom.  Doing this ensures that the roots can reach all parts of the container and grow appropriately.

Tips For Effective Container Gardening Recap

When it comes to effective container gardening, there are three things you should keep in mind – using the correct soil, regularly fertilizing your plants, and watering your plants correctly.

Always use potting soil over regular soil.  This will give your plants the best water retention.  After ensuring you place your plants in the right soil, make a note to regularly fertilize your plants.  This gives your plants the best nutrients and will give them the strength they need.  The last step in effective container gardening is to correctly water your plants.  You always want to make sure your plants grow appropriately with the right amount of water and nutrients.

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