Waste Disposal in Greater London

The UK’s government is attended a UN conference on climate modification, looking for methods to curb our greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, London’s Mayor is trying to suppress extreme waste disposal by businesses and corporations.

The mayor has carried out a number of recycling initiatives to reduce waste. The aim is to increase the amount of waste being recycled from the 20 percent forecasted in 2003 to over 60 percent.

Londoners produce 3.4 million tons of rubbish each year, a large proportion of which is electrical and electronic waste. The execution of the WEEE instruction in 2007 aimed to curb this problem by getting residents to recycle their old televisions, computers, and general electrical waste. In Greater London, where organizations predominate, the problem of waste electronic devices is more problematic and makes up the majority of hardware disposed of each year.

London organizations are constantly upgrading computer systems, buying replacement shredders, and changing out-of-date copy machines, faxes, and printers. The waste spin-off was formerly discarded in the general waste stream, which wound up on a barge heading for an incinerator even more down the Thames Estuary.

The Recycle for London initiative, founded and headed up by the Mayor of London, was carried out to assist in lowering this waste. In Greater London, this has had the effect of lots of brand-new companies springing up to meet the needs of the thousands of organizations in need of recycling their old computers, servers, printers, faxes, and copy machines.

It’s had the added result of decreasing the work performed by waste disposal companies in London, which are funded by taxes. The outcome, in the long term, will be a redistribution of the cash from taxes into more immediate sectors.

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