Waste Management & Academia: Beatrice Obule-Abila’s Solution

Beatrice Obule-Abila’s Abstract from her dissertation entitled Knowledge management approach for sustainable waste management

Waste management is a global issue requiring radical change. Radical change for waste management can be achieved through the application of knowledge management (KM) tools and approaches.

This dissertation develops a conceptual framework for applying KM in the management of municipal and other types of waste. The dissertation also proffers solutions to municipal waste problems, assesses the relevance of waste management to environmental sustainability and examines the perceived role of financial incentives for recycling waste in Finland and Nigeria.

This dissertation is a compilation of six articles achieved by employing mixed research methodologies to provide answers to the research questions. The mixed-method comprises conceptual-qualitative and survey-quantitative research approaches.

The study presents a conceptual framework of waste management as well as a conceptual framework of knowledge management in waste management. The conceptual framework of waste knowledge management illustrates processes that waste companies and other stakeholders can adopt in order to attain sustainable waste management. Through its conceptual waste management framework, this dissertation establishes a contemporary definition for waste management from a holistic perspective. Furthermore, the study proffers solutions to waste management problems from an external point of view.

The research identifies the existence of knowledge gaps in waste management and recommends the holistic application of knowledge management tools, systems, and approaches in waste management in order to attain sustainable waste management.

This study provides a foundation for future studies to further explore the application of knowledge management in waste management.

(Note: Some grammar corrections have been provided, though none of the content has been altered.)

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