What Can I Do with a 30 Cubic Yard Dumpster?

As at least one of our grandest roll-off container dimensions, the 30-yard dumpster lends itself to a variety of large-scale projects.  If you are gutting a commercial property, going for a sizeable remodeling project, or showing your house what Spring cleaning is really about, a dumpster of this magnitude is probably the best option for tasks like these.  After all, the volume of any container that is 22’ L x 8’ W x 6’ H not only takes a considerable effort to fill but is also an impressive spectacle to see.

The 30-yard behemoth is the most commonly used container for workers in the construction and demolition industry.  But those people looking for a 30-yard roll-off container should never be discouraged to rent this size container simply because the professionals are the ones often using them on large job sites.  In fact, if you have the space for this size dumpster and you believe that your future project may require a container of this size, it is always better to rent the 30 cubic yard dumpster rather than renting a smaller dumpster that may require multiple dump-and-return trips.  If your project involves disposing of concrete material or any material that is deemed “heavy” by the waste management industry, your budget will quickly crash and burn.

Some Typical Projects That Require A 30-yard Roll-off Dumpster

  • 50-1,000 square foot deck removal
  • 40-50 squares of roofing shingles (note: roofing shingles are heavy considered “heavy” material)
  • New house or building construction
  • Cleaning the house of a previous tenant with hoarding disorder
  • Large landscape and property clearing

Tips To Keep In Mind When Renting A 30-yard Dumpster

Always make sure to have a clearly defined path to and from the dumpster. If moving items through a fence, you find it easier if you remove one or two fence panels. Doing so will create a more accessible route when loading your dumpster.

When utilizing a large dumpster with an opening that is not flush with the ground, you could use a piece of plywood and a few cinder blocks to create a makeshift ramp so your loading cart can more easily be rolled directly into the back of the container, saving on energy and time.

When ordering a 30-yard dumpster, think ahead about your plans to load the container. Keep the waste contents towards the backside to start–filling that space in–then work towards the front of the dumpster. This method helps keep waste items from being haphazardly placed in the container, which may result in impeding access to the rest of the bin while you work. Not following this method will create more work for you and your crew because you eventually need to rearrange the items to properly fill the container.

What is the average cost of a 30-yard dumpster?

You will notice that many other companies suggest a specified range, for example, $400-500.  The first problem you should notice is that this price range doesn’t tell you what’s included when you cough up that cash.  Many variables are included when renting a dumpster of any size, not just a 30-yard roll-off container.

The total cost of a dumpster will include the rental period, whether or not a determined weight is allotted or if the container gets a full-disposal allotment, how much it will cost you if you surpass the weight allotment, whether or not a delivery fee is included, and if any fuel or environmental fees are built into the price.  This list is non-conclusive, and each problem listed has its own subset of further questions.  For example, does the fuel fee include the delivery, the final haul away, and the rental?  Or does it include just the delivery or just the haul?  Failing to know what questions to ask can easily cost you hundreds of extra dollars.

The second issue is that such a specified range is a bogus approximation, to say the least.  Container costs in California or in franchised locations can easily cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars more than a $400-500 price range.  Another reminder is that waste management companies will charge extra when supply and demand allow for it.  As an example, after natural disasters, peak times of the season, and when the housing economy is booming are all times when waste management companies will charge extra for their rental services.  Be mindful of the factors that would alter your understanding of the dumpster financial big picture.

How do I rent a 30-yard roll-off dumpster?

You have found the perfect place to rent a dumpster!  However, if you find yourself with questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact page or by phone at 877-44-WASTE.  We will get back with you as soon as possible!

In the meantime, here are some more projects that involve renting roll-off dumpsters with us – thanks for stopping by and we hope to assist you with your rental needs soon!

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